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Article: Which pendant light for a cathedral ceiling?

Which pendant light for a cathedral ceiling?

plafond cathédrale, appartmeent francais haussmanien

A chandelier or pendant light occupies an important place in interior decoration.

These lights bring a more modern touch to a room and provide optimal lighting. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be installed in a variety of rooms.

When it comes to illuminating your spaces under a cathedral ceiling, chandeliers and pendants make all the difference.

6But the secret to a successful decor is height. So how do you aim correctly? Follow the guide!

How high is the suspension?

In the living room

Are you looking to illuminate an armchair or a reading corner?

Position your suspension 30 to 40 cm above the target area.

This perfect height guarantees precise lighting and highlighting of the furniture.

If you are aiming for the entire room with a central pendant light, it is 1.80 m.

Under a cathedral ceiling, it will be great art!

Above the dining table

For a convivial meal, aim for a height of 1.70 m for your suspension. This will highlight your table, while creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

In the bedroom

Make your bedroom a haven of peace by installing your pendant light between 1.80 and 2 m from the floor. This height will ensure a gentle diffusion of light, perfect for a relaxation space.


In the living room

For a cozy atmosphere, place your chandelier 30 to 40 cm above the object you want to illuminate. You will thus create a cozy corner, perfect for relaxation. For a central chandelier, 1.80 m is the ideal height. You will benefit from optimal lighting and decor worthy of a magazine.

Above the dining table

For an unforgettable dining atmosphere, opt for a chandelier 1.60 m from the ground. It will diffuse a pleasant light all around the table, while facilitating exchanges between guests.

In the bedroom

For optimal lighting, place your chandelier between 1.90 and 2 m from the ground. At this height, your room will be bathed in soft, relaxing light, perfect for restful sleep.

Each room has its specificities, and each light fixture has its ideal height. Remember, these figures are specifically designed for cathedral ceilings. Go to Ambiance Luminaire to find the rare pearl that will illuminate your interior. Light up your home in style, at the right height!

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